Born in Rome, Italy in 1991, Valeriø Innørta is an accomplished music producer and DJ specializing in hard techno, hardstyle, and hardcore techno. His unique musical style blends destructive and pleasurable sounds to create an electrifying experience.

Valeriø's DJ sets are renowned for their combination of sick, gritty kicks and elements inspired by the rave and hardcore culture. He enjoys pushing boundaries by experimenting with synthesizers and vocal samples, creating a captivating progression that builds tension. His music takes listeners on a transformative journey, starting from industrial sounds and culminating in the intense energy of hardcore.

Since 2018, Valeriø has shared the stage with renowned artists such as DVS1, The Mover, AnD, TommyFourSeven, Gary Beck, D.Carbone, NoneoftheAbove, Charlie Sparks, Cassie Raptor, VII Circle, and many others. He has performed at top-tier events across Europe and even ventured to Colombia.

Valeriø's career as a music producer took flight in 2020 when he embarked on a quest to forge a distinctive style characterized by distorted and powerful sounds, influenced by the emerging rave movement. This creative pursuit led him to release tracks on both vinyl and digital platforms, garnering significant recognition from notable artists including Rebekah, Paula Temple, 999999999, AnD, Nico Moreno, and DYEN. His music has received widespread support, with many renowned DJs featuring his tracks at major festivals.

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