KTS is an emerging Italian DJ and music producer who is making waves in the industry. His musical style revolves around the fusion of drone and noise elements with dark, industrial techno. From ambient to atmospheric and hypnotic techno, KTS creates captivating melodies that immerse listeners in a unique sonic experience.

His true passion lies in underground techno, where he fearlessly experiments with raw, industrial sounds. Drawing inspiration from notable artists like Laeven, Lady Maru, Jassass, Marco Ginelli, Raven, David Temessi, LaPenderieNoir, Emmy Betiol, Tolr, Hatelove, and more, KTS pushes the boundaries of musical expression.

Through his tracks, KTS endeavors to capture the detrimental impact of societal pressures on our culture, as well as the struggles faced by the oppressed younger generation. His music serves as a rebellious flame or an impassioned cry for freedom, channeling emotions and experiences that resonate deeply.

Among his favorite artists are Ayarcana, KRTM, Mickey Nox, Raxeller, SNTS, RZVX, Hybral, Laeven, Hypnoskull, Jassass, and SlaveToSociety, who continue to inspire and influence his artistic journey.

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